Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Update Number One from Presidential Forum for Energy & Environment

Update - Energy Forum for America


Why A Forum?

     The Presidential Forum for America - Energy & Environment, is planned to have three phases. The first phase will focus on the problems California has encountered from the petroleum industry. These will lead to what has taken place across America and around the world. Energy issues have been the Siamese Twin for petroleum for a century but now this is changing. We'll show you the unexpected consequences and opportunities created.
     Throughout the time before the Forum, Update will carry questions for the candidates. Think of these as lead-ups, providing information showing how these two issues connect to the problems we face today.
     The perceived divisions between what is defined as the 'Right' and 'Left' muddy the waters, as intended by the power elite. Bernie Sanders supporters, rallying in front of CNN, Los Angeles, have exposed the attempt to limit coverage for their candidate.
     Look over the four suggested links just under the Update header. These include the corporate connections for candidates (CrowdPac), facts when statements are made, commentary on what is happening (Fact Check), for a view of the MSM news, opinions and rumors see (Politico), follow what is going on with candidates from third parties and Independents at (Independent Political Report). Also look in on the Drudge Report. Compare the stories.
     For social media follow the candidates directly and get on their campaign site mailing lists. What you are seeing today in social media is passive followers, ignoring the potential of the internet as an activist tool for expression and action. This was what powered the first Ron Paul Campaign of 2007, what is known as the R3VOLution. The earlier parallel, not internet centered, was the early H. Ross Perot Campaign. We also saw this taking place with the Occupy Movement, but without the focus on a candidate.
     In all but the last instance people were looking for solutions and lit on an individual as their focus. Never have Americans been more likely to awaken to how they have been manipulated.
     As the petroleum industry continues to melt down, like the Wicked Witch of the East, an opportunity exists to bring Americans together. For this reason we have sent invitations to three third party candidates, two Libertarians, one Green, and one Independent. The D and R created a lock on the electoral process so they could stifle our voices. The Forum intends the people be heard and felt.
     Updates will be published on the ACP Vision & Action site, to candidate campaigns, sent out to our list, to the media, and to sign ups.

A Developing Issue to Watch: 

      ExxonMobil is blocked in California and for use of the Pegasus Pipeline. The price of their stock continues to drop.
      ExxonMobil is now active in the Gulf. 
      Their target for drilling is 6 miles below the surface. It ties into a pipeline 15 miles long which runs to a giant Chevron floater. Highest pressures ever.
       What could possibly go wrong?

            Coming soon!  Gulf Spill II. 

April 20th Update Questions

Putting candidates to the Question.
      As we have all seen, there are multiple ways for candidates to evade answering questions during live events. Despite this, we need answers.
     Therefore, we are not waiting to begin asking questions.  We are starting here and now. ​
     Follow-up reminders will be sent, as will the results of our research on what candidates have said elsewhere. 
     For these weekly questions candidates will have the opportunity to discuss what is accurate and appropriate with staff and supporters. We will note this on our website for each candidate, which will go live on Wednesday,  April 20th, at the same time the first round of questions are sent to the campaigns.
     We believe this provides a real time test for how responsive a candidate would be, if elected, both to questions from Americans and to problems needing attention.

Our Update question to the candidates invited to the Forum.

     How many fracking wells have been drilled since 2005? What is your source?
     What steps will you take to ensure those operating fracking operations are held accountable for the damage they are doing to human health, the health of other living things located within the sphere of impact and the air, water and land also within this sphere? Be specific.

Issues which demand real answers.

Life for an American Veteran

       Richard had been homeless since September 2015. He had a VA ID card which he used for medical treatment at the VA. On multiple occasions he asked if they had any openings in the homeless program.
       The answer was always the same; “We are all booked up and there is a waiting line to get in.”
In early December Richard got a different response. He was told they could put his name into a slot for the program. What would that slot do for him, he asked?
       Richard was told the VA would provide him with housing, clothes, food, training and OR education and transportation if needed through the use of a Bus Pass. It was like he had won the lottery. Richard’s face lit up and he began signing papers. While he was signing they even mentioned getting him a haircut.
      After everything was signed and papers carefully stapled together for Richard’s packet, Richard was then told that he was no longer considered homeless. With the signing of the papers he was listed as being trained or being sent back to school to get the education needed for him to have a productive life.
      As the person behind the desk stood up to shake Richard’s hand, Richard was told to return about Mid-June 2016 when the slot will open.
      With a sinking heart Richard asked what do I do in the meantime?
      Richard did not know the reality he faced. The VA routinely puts up to 5 people in the same slot, just like Richard. Over-booking airline seats is the closest equivalent. But that does not usually kill you.
      In six months most Veterans cannot appear to receive the promised help because most will either have given up and moved elsewhere, been picked up for vagrancy by the police, been in trouble for sleeping in a public place, or for taking food from a dumpster. Many take their own lives during this period.
     The VA understands all too well one Veteran may survive long enough to get into the program. If two Veterans make it…one is told to come back in another 90 days.
     But the VA is off the hook. This is how the program is designed to 'work.'

How this connects to Energy & Environment. 
      Every Veteran who was serving in the Middle East was there to carry out a mission on behalf of the oil industry.  Veterans who came home with injuries, PTSD, or other problems were put at risk to ensure the future supply of oil to these companies.
     Without jobs, young people signed up to serve. This was sold to them as a smart career move which would provide a paid for education when their service was over.
     It was all about oil, the energy supply which destroyed the lives of tens of thousands of Military and Veterans while they trusted their commanders and our government, keeping the oaths they had made.

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