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Arthur C. Pillsbury saw the problem of preserving the natural world.  He witnessed the impact of human intrusion on the wilds of Alaska while photographing the opening of the mining fields with the panorama camera he built as his senior project at Stanford University in 1897.

It was in Alaska he met John Muir, photographing him while he was accompanying  the Harriman Expedition in 1899.  The two men were united in a common passion for preservation, using very different methods.   

When Muir began his yearly trips into the back country of Yosemite Pillsbury was along as the photographer.  Pillsbury had first traveled to Yosemite on his bicycle, with a cousin and friend, from Stanford in 1895.

Standing waist deep in a meadow filled with wildflowers he was filled with awe which awakened in him a reverence for the natural world.  This love would become the focus of his entire life and work.  

As Muir struggled to save the Hetch Hetchy from the forces of greed who saw it as a source for water and energy to benefit them Pillsbury produced the first nature movie in 1909.  From then until his time in Yosemite ended in 1927 he was known as The Wildflower Man of Yosemite.  That first film was shown on the porch of the studio he had bought in Yosemite in 1906 from the profits he made with his photos of the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire.

He could take nature to the people, awakening them while protecting the wilderness.  

In 1912 Pillsbury build the first lapse-time motion picture camera to awaken us to the life cycle of wildflowers, their struggles so like our own, he said.  

The movie was first shown to the Superintendents of the National Parks at their Conference in Yosemite .

When Muir lost his campaign to save the Hetch Hetchy in 1914 larger and larger audiences were awakening to the beauties of nature and the need to protect it through showings of Pillsbury's films, first in the Berkeley area, where he lived in the winter, across California and then across America.  

He passed no law.  Wrote no petition and never asked for help.  Using the tools he made himself he changed our world.  When the work we do includes the goal of living rightly with each other and the Earth this happens. 

You might wonder why you never heard of him.  If you think about it longer, you will realize, which he did not, who feared his impact on their plans.  

What we see today started longer ago than you might realize.  But the power is in our hands to begin the world over again.  

To accomplish this we must start with the facts and find solutions which accomplish the goal.  This is the mission of ACP Vision & Action, EcoAlert and the Energy Forum for America.  Green Commerce is part of this.  We must get off oil much faster than is not projected. Green Commerce will change how we live.  We will get back our lives from the corporations which have hijacked our time to pump money into their bank accounts.  

Right now, we are in a race against time.  The presidential election is not about who will make the decisions for us.  It is about taking back our power to decide for ourselves in our own communities and in our own lives.  We need to come together to accomplish this goal.   

We document the facts and provide solutions to return us to communities of caring and safety by awakening our love for each other and the earth.    

Green Commerce is our road out of the future planned for us to the road we will build for ourselves to a different future for ourselves, our families and communities, and for the Earth.  This leads to ways to prosper which move the world toward the light touch on the Earth which we so desperately need.   

Energy and the Environment are the key issues.  We are going to show you how these connect to every issue and what can be done to take back our power. 

Can we come together past the divisions built to stop us?  Yes we can.  This election has opened up the road to a sustainable future for all of us.  We can determine who will be elected and understand, as we do this, how we have been manipulated, who did it, and the steps necessary to stop them and enforce accountability for the damage they have done.  

 Agents Green is one way to cut off the profits to Big Oil.  Big Oil is just one way our lives have been sacrificed to profit the corporate elite who control our government and direct our lives. All of them use the same game plan.    

The technologies which reduce reliance on grid technologies, and ensure the health of Earth's land, air and water and the continuance of life are ready.

Only when you see and understand the facts is effective action possible.  We are using the Forum to point the way.  Energy Forum for America

Updates leading there start tomorrow, April 19th.