Friday, April 22, 2016

Something Stinks and It's Refineries

Posted by Liza Tucker 

Today’s explosion at the Torrance refinery couldn’t come at a better time—for refiners interested in driving up the price of gas.

That’s why we are calling for the California Attorney General, Governor, and lawmakers to step in. We want the Attorney General to send in some boots on the ground to rule out any price manipulation by Tesoro when it shut down its Martinez refinery. We also want to know what first caused Exxon to tell one observer that its Torrance refinery would be offline for two weeks due to a mechanical problem, and then what caused an explosion at the refinery today.

We want law enforcement going forward to investigate whenever a refinery announces a planned or routine shutdown to verify there is no price manipulation behind it. We want this because only 14 refineries control the California market where we make most of our own special blend of gasoline and keep on hand only a ten-day supply, not the 24-day average supply kept in other states.  MORE

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