Friday, April 22, 2016

Is Exxon Trying To Buy Its Way Out Of Accountability Through Refinery Sale?

Posted by Liza Tucker 

As government scrutiny intensifies on ExxonMobil, the company is apparently getting out of the state. Exxon  is reportedly selling its hobbled Torrance refinery in the wake of an investigation into management's responsiblity for an explosion Feb.18 that endangered workers and the community.

Consumer Watchdog wrote a letter last week to the governor, California Attorney General and US Attorneys, alleging a coverup by Exxon of evidence and concealing of witnesses that could prove the refinery made a decision to keep operating a fluid catalytic cracker while repairing a compressor. That decision touched off the build up of fumes that exploded, destroying a key piece of air pollution equipment 12 stories high called an electrostatic precipitator. Industry sources told Consumer Watchdog that workers emptying waste at the bottom of the electrostatic preciptator barely escaped when sensors on their belts alerted them to the presences of fumes. 

Is Exxon trying to wash its hands of responsibility for ignoring subpoenas, allegedly hiding witnesses and endangering the public? We knew investigators were intensifying their scrutiny of Exxon's actions during the past week and sources say it's got under the company's skin. MORE

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