Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wildfire rages in Fort McMurray as evacuees settle in Edmonton

From:  CBC News 

Editor's Note - EcoAlert:  Go to the site to see the video.   The town is the a former Native American settlement used by the Tar Sands incursion to house workers.  Much of the tar sands is at ground level and it is likely this, and other tar sands related infrastructure which is burning. 

Fire officials battling a raging wildfire in Fort McMurray, Alta., are braced for another hot, dry and windy day, warning that the situation could be as bad or worse than the day before, when whole neighbourhoods burned down and the entire city was evacuated.
With strong winds likely to fuel the fire, thousands of residents have fled the city and up to 20,000 evacuees are expected to arrive in Edmonton.  MORE

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