Thursday, July 7, 2016

There Is No Excuse For The American Police

From:  Paul Craig Roberts

There Is No Excuse For The American Police

If unaccountalbe police brutality continues, will American citizens come to the conclusion that cops are criminal thugs of great danger to the public and must be shot down on sight before they murder again?

The goon thugs have done a good job of proving that Amerians would be far safer in the absence of police who during 8 years of the iraqi War killed more Americans than we lost troops in combat.
Here are today’s citizen casualties:

From: Sputnik

A bodycam video posted online Tuesday, showing a handcuffed woman being brutally assaulted by a Salt Lake City police officer in front of her young daughter, has officials scrambling to determine whether to press charges against a now-retired officer.

The incident took place in 2014, but the ugly footage was posted this week by the woman’s older daughter, who stated that it was emailed to her. At the time of the recording, police were at Michelle Anderson’s home for the second visit that evening.

During the first visit, Anderson’s nine-year-old daughter had reportedly told police that her mother was calling her names and swearing at her, the daughter stating that she didn’t want to stay with the mother. Arrangements were made for a relative to pick up the daughter, and police left the scene.


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