Thursday, June 9, 2016

Where Did 12 Million California Voters Go?

From: Cosmoso

NOTE:  This come through Mark Crispin Miller

The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that 18 million newly registered voters in the state of California marked a new record for voter registration during a primary. Yet, only around 6 million votes were actually counted. Why?

Among reports of bogus party affiliation changes, voter purges, accidental party affiliations and rigged voting machines, the California primary was just one of six states experiencing what is looking more and more like widespread voter suppression by the Democratic party. 

Tuesday’s California primary resulted in around 3.2 million votes cast in the Democratic party and around 1.5 million in the Republican primary. Even if we rounded that up to 5 million and accounted for another 1 million voters who somehow made a mistake of their own, what about the other 13 million new voters?MORE

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