Thursday, September 24, 2015

Video Shows the Rarely Seen Moment a Frightened Suicide Bomber Broke Down Crying Before Carrying Out His Mission

From: The Blaze

by Sharona Schwartz

A distraught Islamic militant broke down in tears as he prepared to embark on a suicide bombing in Syria, video posted on jihadist forums appeared to show.

The video offered rare insight into the lives of those tapped to carry out suicide missions — often foreigners who have traveled on jihad to Syria. While most images posted on jihadist forums show militants heading with enthusiasm and bravado on their suicide attacks, the latest video made it clear that not every militant is thrilled about his assignment.

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Britain’s Daily Mirror reported that the attack was launched on the Shi’ite town of Fua in Syria’s Idlib Province on Sept. 18.

The end of the video shows his armored personnel carrier driving off into the distance then detonating into a huge explosion.  MORE

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