Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Mutant lice are probably coming! But first, the hype

From:  CNN

by Carina Storrs,Special to CNN

COMMENT -  We know the over the counter products are toxic, as are those prescribed by your physician.  But it is clear Super Lice are on the way. 

Wed August 19, 2015

(CNN)Head lice are a lousy part of the school year or summer vacation for an estimated 6 to 12 million children in the United States every year. Infestations can lead to itchy scalp, irritability and poor sleep.

To make matters worse, there are hints we could be losing some of our easiest and cheapest defenses against these insect interlopers. Studies suggest many lice may no longer be killed by over-the-counter treatments such as Rid shampoo or Nix rinse.

Newer generation lice-fighting chemicals are an option if the usual treatments fail, but they are often more expensive. A number of parents are taking their children to "nitpickers," who manually remove the insects from hair using combs and sometimes just their fingers.  MORE

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