Thursday, September 15, 2016

Why are Torrance refinery activists unhappy over long-awaited meeting Monday?

From:  Daily Breeze

By Nick Green, Daily Breeze

The Torrance Oil Refinery before it was sold to new owners PBF Energy. Local activists will get a meeting with industry regulators to express their concerns over toxic chemicals at the plant on Monday, Sept. 19. File photo. (Chuck Bennett/Staff Photographer)

Local activists concerned about a catastrophic release of toxic chemicals from the Torrance refinery will finally get their wish Monday — a public meeting in town with industry regulators.

But they’re pessimistic about how useful it will be.

Hoping for a dialogue so they can present technical information they believe shows the risk of such a disaster is understated, the activists fear instead they’ll be greeted with a PowerPoint dog-and-pony show with government officials talking at them rather than with them.  MORE

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