Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tenure is disappearing. But it’s what made American universities the best in the world.

From:  Washtington Post 

By Sol Gittleman October 29

In the midst of a debate over tenure — with many arguing it is time to do away with an outdated tradition — Sol Gittleman, a former provost of Tufts University, takes a look at the history behind the tradition.
Gittleman, the Alice and Nathan Gantcher University Professor, has been a professor of German, Judaic studies and biblical literature.  He argues that tenure helped make American higher education better. His essay in full was printed in Tufts Magazine

“The single most important factor preventing change in higher education is tenure.” Wow. That was the sentiment expressed in 2010 by Mark C. Taylor, then chair of Columbia University’s department of religion, and every critic of higher education in the United States seemed to agree with him.  MORE

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