Monday, November 23, 2015

Taking on Big Oil - Agents Green On The Job

SANTA BARBARA, California-November 17, 2015-The Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation (ACPF), today introduced its first Agents Green, Marian Walker and Gail Lightfoot. Agents Green is a membership the Foundation has organized to provide training and support to activists who want to make reducing the impact of poisons and encouraging Green Commerce their career.

Agents Green will make it their business to directly provide their clients with services, including reducing the second most common health risk children face today. Agents will also be a community resource for educating on how to avoid poisons impacting people and our environment.

Sustainable activism, making activism your career, is moving the world today. Efforts for alternative energy, such as Wipomo in San Diego and MetroFarm in the San Francisco area, express the passion of their originators and employees for alternatives in energy and commerce.

This same idea was the basis on which the career of Arthur C. Pillsbury was founded. In 1895, while standing waist high in a meadow of wildflowers in Yosemite, he was filled with the determination to show people the glories of nature and so persuade them to his preservationist viewpoint. This became his life's work, allowing him to make enough money to build cameras which extended human vision. These included the first lapse-time camera for plants (1912), and the first microscopic motion picture camera (1926).

Pillsbury made and showed the first nature movie in 1909.

His business, the Pillsbury Picture Company, was an early example of Green Commerce built on the idea of sustainable activism. He would later tell his son, “Discover your passion and then find a way to it make your living.”

Following your passion as an activist is tough and activists know this. Agents Green is a way for activists with a passion for helping people and directly affecting the level of poisons in their local air, water and land to make activism their career.

Gail Lightfoot said about Agents Green, “I was an activist for most of my life and now I can make money providing a service which heals and educates. Fantastic.” Gail, a former US Senate Candidate for the Libertarian Party, is also a retired nurse.

The first target for Agents Green is Super Head Lice. California is one of 25 states where head lice, the second most common childhood health issue is now resistant to the products which are commonly used. These include petroleum products. Products originating from petroleum hold the potential for petroleum poisoning. The child can be impacted and the residue is released into the water, then impacting both the air and land.

Petroleum products are used in thousands of products, including pesticides. These account for 20% of the income to petroleum companies.

Agents Green uses products which are entirely natural and cause no harm to children or the environment. The product used to eliminate head lice, which works equally well on Super Head Lice, smells like peppermint and eliminates both nits and the lice in ten minutes.

Head lice impact school attendance and often fail to remove the lice. The resulting resistant strains are now being treated with harsher poisons through doctor's prescriptions. Agents Green is determined to provide better treatment and reduce the trauma suffered by children and their parents.

Marian Walker decided to join because of her own experience with head lice, saying, “I experienced the aggravation and worry of a child with head lice while I was raising my own daughter. It was terrible to go through. Changing that for others, now that I understand the risks of conventional treatments, is exciting.”

Head lice have been with humanity for over a million years and cannot survive anyplace but on the human scalp. Lacking a human host, they die. But they are stubborn little vampires which cling to the hair close to the scalp, feeding on human blood by digging in with their claws.

Into the 20th Century typhus was carried by head lice infected with the typhus microbe. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), this happens rarely today but, “outbreaks of this disease still occur during times of war, civil unrest, natural or man-made disasters, and in prisons where people live together in unsanitary conditions.” As diseases also become resistant concerns on how humanity will be impacted are being raised.

Today populations experiencing exactly these conditions are moving into both the United States and Europe.

Marian and Gail will be contacting community groups, their County Health Departments, school nurses and groups who work with children to make presentations on the need to be proactive on the problem and provide
information on the need to reduce the use of poisons in this and other products. ““Every choice for clean alternatives to petroleum poisons can reduce damage to the environment and the profits flowing to Big Oil. Your choices matter,” said Dave Lincoln, the organization's Director for Research.

Agents Green has solutions for every imaginable need. Find out more about Agents Green by visiting their website at If you are interested in becoming a Green Agent for your community fill out the application on the site and contact us.

The Arthur C. Pillsbury site is available at:


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