Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Map: Public Lands Threatened by Fracking

From:  Food & Water Watch

COMMENT - The National Parks were planned so extractive industries could trade lands with those controlling lands in National Trusts, both Forests and Parks,  and increase their profits.  Arthur C. Pillsbury was burned out of Yosemite because he was becoming a danger to the powers that be on this issue and because he was determined that the Parks, if they existed, be used to educate people on the need for preservation.  He was forced out in 1927 when Mather realized he could blow the whistle on them. 

America's public lands are our national treasures, but that hasn't stopped the oil and gas industry from fracking in national forests and around national parks.

The map below shows oil and gas formations where fracking could occur (or is already occurring), and where they overlap with our public lands. To protect these precious places from fracking, we need to permanently ban fracking on federal lands.

This is a map you have to see.  Go to the site. 

Key: Fracking and public lands

About 20 percent of all potential U.S. oil and gas lies beneath public lands, and corporations are eager to extract it for profit. Already, fracking companies have leased over 34 million acres of public land (an area seven times the size of New Jersey), but that is just the beginning — over 200 million more acres that overlay oil and gas deposits could be fracked in the future.  MORE

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