Saturday, November 5, 2016

Cost: $100M to save your loved ones from deadly MHF

From:  Change

Gardena, CA

5 DE NOV DE 2016 — But are YOU a priority? Is YOUR FAMILY a priority? YOUR CHILDREN? YOUR COWORKERS, YOUR FRIENDS? Apparently not, because in the 2015-2016 Legislative year the Oil & Gas industry, DID SPEND $114-$126 Million-- but not on your safety. They spent it on lobbying legislators from California and the US Congress. 

When you found out that over 600,000 lives in the South Bay were at risk from MHF/HF it was infuriating- and terrifying. So, you and 7000 others raised your voice, united in opposition to the unacceptable KILL zone you are forced to live and work in. But the Oil & Gas industry is also united. So united they are on track to spend over $37 million in California alone. And what did they get-- so far? They killed the CA bill to ban MHF introduced last February, one year after the explosion at ExxonMobil nearly ripped open a tank of the deadly chemical.

So what can YOU do? You can elect representatives to the California legislature committed to FIGHTING the Oil & Gas lobby, NOT FIGHTING ON *THEIR* BEHALF.  MORE

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